Are you looking for a quick way to revive your living space?

Before you go knocking down walls and pulling up carpet, think about giving your interior space a fresh coat of paint. This very simple and inexpensive task can greatly alter the look and feel of your home.

Changing a paint color is an easy DIY project taking not much time at all.

Before you take on this exciting project, here are some things about paint finishes you need to know.

A very simple and effective task to brighten any room

FLAT OR MATTE – Hide imperfections with flat paint finishes. Keep in mind that this finish is the least stain resistant so better to be used on low traffic areas & ceilings. Zero sheen with this finish.

EGGSHELL – Not as dull as Flat finish but less shiny then semi-gloss. A lower sheen that works well in living rooms and bedrooms. This is best used on smooth well-prepared surfaces because the low sheen can show small imperfections.

SATIN – This is an easy to clean finish that works well in dens & dining rooms. Its soft sheen sets it apart from Eggshell and Flat finishes. It is highly durable but not as much as its shinier options.

SEMI-GLOSS – Developed to stand up to stains, semi-gloss finishes are the easiest to clean which make them perfect to use in kitchens, playrooms & children’s bedrooms. Semi-gloss also works well with moisture making it an ideal choice for bathrooms. This is also a great choice for trims, cabinets and doors.

HIGH-GLOSS – This finish is exactly what it says – high in gloss – very glossy that it often looks wet. Designed mostly for trims, cabinets and doors. Those surfaces need to be perfect because High Gloss finish shows every imperfection. High-Gloss is very durable and only takes a wet wipe to keep clean.

LOW VOC – This paint finish contains lower Volatile Organic Compounds which release toxic gases into the air. Look for this paint finish if you want to go green in your home and not have to worry about smelly paint fumes.