Simply put, at Frooglly, we make prepping, marketing and selling your home profitable! Your first step to ‘sold’ is to make Frooglly your selling partner. We ensure that your property is ready for sale or lease by providing services all in one place!

We Make Independent Sellers Profitable

When it comes to prepping and marketing for sale by owner properties, we believe prepping, marketing and selling a home should save our homeowners time; while making them a great return on investment(ROI). Homeowners need and want to keep more of the equity that they have worked so hard for. So as a home seller you want a company that is more of a partner to you throughout the process. As a one-stop shop for independent home sellers; we provide home cleaning, home organization, professional photography, property listing websites, and property marketing. So are you ready to “Sell It Better”?


We See, What You Don’t.

Are your gutters clean?

How does the driveway look?

Do the shrubs need pruning?

Does the lawn look clean and neat?

Does the entryway and front door make a great first impression?

Are toys, tools, hoses and any other distracting items put away?

Are you kitchen counters clear and clean?

Are all toys and debris stored properly?

Are closets neat and clean?

Is your foyer inviting?

Are all rooms tidy and clean?

Pets are great, but buyers do not want to smell them.


We Prep It. You Sell It.

We’ve changed the game when it comes to prepping and marketing for sale by owner properties. Preparing your home for sale is no easy task. So let Frooglly manage the entire preparation so that you can reap the profit of your sale! We ensure that your house is ready for sale by prepping and marketing your home for sale. By working with Frooglly, we make sure that your home stands out in any neighborhood. You will be in control of pricing, and negotiating — critical tasks that can’t be trusted to an agent who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.