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We're the frugal way to market, manage, and maintain your property business.



Property advertising and marketing is vital to harvesting high-quality leads that will certainly turn into your perfect tenant or buyer. The right marketing can bring your property in front of the ideal people that will certainly rent or purchase. Our top-quality marketing and design team is available to create property brochures, property websites, and marketing flyers to assist your advertising and marketing needs.


Frooglly helps you manage the demands of the day to day operations of your property business. From property marketing, reducing daily administrative work, communicating with tenants, reminder emails for lease renewals and late payments, maintenance requests and so much more. We provide you with the unparalleled service and support that you need to manage a successful property rental business.


With Frooglly, we help you manage your property rental business and handle your property repairs so that you need only to reap the financial rewards. Worried about repairs? No need! Our service includes repairs of all appliances, plumbing, and electrical maintenance work of your rental property. When an appliance or major system in your rental property needs repair, you can count on us to get it fixed.

What We Do


• Tenant Support- We reply to your tenants’ emails or calls on the same day.
• Daily tenant communication and management
• Handle maintenance and repair request
• Communicate with vendors- for best pricing
• Property maintenance support
• Property marketing
• Create property listing websites
• Sending emails to clients and getting their feedback
• Social media management for creating a competitive edge.
• Copywriting services such as blog posts, sales letter, articles, newsletter, direct mail, web pages, and much more
• Increased time and productivity – By delegating administrative, non-core operations to a competent Real Estate Virtual Assistant you have more time to spend with your valuable clients.
• Increased profits – Have our team handle your essential, yet repetitive tasks. Gaining your time back will allow you to focus on what drives the business – your clients!
• Offload your time-consuming work.


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        Welcome to Frooglly, a modern property support service. We help Property Owners, Agents, Property Managers, and Landlords;  market, manage and maintain their properties.

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