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Our service help you to increase your equity and reduce your costs selling significantly so that you walk away from the closing table with more money. Clients save and earn and average of $12,000 from the sale of their home.

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In June 2015, when the national median time on the market for homes hit record lows, independent sellers actually sold four days faster than homes sold by an agent. You want to sell your home fast but for top dollar!

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Our fee is less than 1% of your sale price. Which means that you will save and earn more than $12,000 from the sale of your home. With a dedicated project management team, we provide you with on-site personal service and support throughout your home sale process.

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Choose to give away 6% of your hard earned equity.  You paid the mortgage, the taxes, the maintenance, and the insurance; you should keep the equity. The choice is yours. Join the 1% and profit more from your sale!