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Frooglly is a U.S based startup agency. Frooglly is a platform that empowers small business owners to succeed by making you more connected with your customers. We are the frugal way to build your business!
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The Simple Solution - to launching, building, or growing your business

Growing your business is our number one priority. We handle all of your routine tasks including Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO Support, Graphic Design, Advertising, Contact Management, Data Entry, Lead Generation, and other Business Administrative duties.

Online Growth

The Frooglly Virtual Assistant Platform provides lead generation, inbound marketing, automation, and search engine optimization services to name a few.

Save Time

When you delegate time-consuming tasks to our team it gives you the ability to focus on what’s important to you. From social media management to contact management to WordPress installs – we can and will help.

Team Support

With our exclusive subscription, you gain access to our talented and specialized team of business associates. Each team member is completely focussed on your success.

Our Team Supports You

The Frooglly Virtual Assistant Platform offers professional, reliable and affordable administrative, creative, marketing, design, and SEO support to help your business grow effectively.

Discover the countless ways your business can benefit

We have worked hard to create a platform that is designed to support our customers needs and provide various options to customize to specification

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Business Support | Contact Management | Data Entry | Web Design | SEO Support | Content Marketing | Social Media | Graphic Design | and so much more.

Business Support

Our services make running a small business easier and allows business owners to focus on what they do best. Our people, our passion & our technology are all dedicated to inspiring creativity, productivity, and innovation. We constantly strive to make servicing your customers and running your business seem natural and effortless. You run the business, we will be your backbone.

Inbound Marketing

With a team of talented creative specialists, Frooglly provides clients with unprecedented creative horsepower. We are a based in NYC and work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and real agents alike helping them grow their businesses, getting their messages out to the world, and increasing their bottom-line. We specialize in creative media solutions for small business. All on a small business budget.

Social Media Management

Social media leads to massive exposure due to its worldwide access, sharing capabilities, and huge amount of daily users. Managing social media – taking care of all the content, tweets or feedback can get pretty time-consuming, and you need to focus primarily on your business. So how about leaving the social stuff to us?! Let us build or manage your social presence.

Our Clients

There are countless ways you could use our platform to develop your business; find out what our other clients have to say about our platform.